About Makossa™ Decking
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Makossa™ Decking the Right Choice

Makossa™ decking offers a number of benefits over other wood decking materials and composite decking:

Makossa™ Decking is an Environmentally Friendly Decking Choice

We consistently import and ship only the best, sustainable harvested Makossa™ wood.

We make sure that our product is consistently following all international trade laws and standards such as the LACEY Act and CITES.  Furthermore, our wood carries the label OLB which is in French: Origine et Legalite des bois (The guarantee for Timber Origin and Legality). The Makossa™ decking can also obtain  FSC certification.

Makossa™ Decking wood comes from West Africa. This wood offers a beautiful reddish-brown colored finish that can provide class and elegance to any outdoor space. Additionally, Makossa™ Decking wood has natural properties that make Makossa™ decking one of the toughest and longest lasting decking materials available on the market today. For example, thanks to its extreme density, Makossa™ decking will stand up very well to outdoor weather and extreme conditions. Additionally, every board is smooth on 1 face and grooved on the other. For instance you can install the grooved face up for your steps which will provide a superior slip resistance, which is important for safety.